Natural Product

NaturalEquineProducts was founded with the sole intention of bringing together products which are available to order on line - which are 'Natural'. No liability can be accepted where claims are made by the manufacturers for these products or their status as 'Natural'.

Medicinal Reference

Nothing on this website is intended to present our products as medicinal. Where such terms as antibacterial or similar technical sounding words are used, these are to be read in their scientific and not their medical context. For example, salt water is antibacterial but would not be regarded as being medicinal. Similarly, boiling water kills bacteria but would not be a classed as a medicine.

Anaerobic bacteria are bacteria that can only live in the absence of oxygen, therefore, by adding oxygen to their environment they can be killed or at least halted. However, that is not a medicinal function but a physical one which takes place all the time in the environment and is a natural process. All of our products simply enhance natural processes and assist the animal's body to heal itself.

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