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Beelzebug for itchy conditions

Beelzebug is a light oil which when rubbed in, helps to stop itching and rubbing. Beelzebug is extremely effective against flies, midges, mites, bugs, lice, ticks and all biting insects. It has been used with equally good effect on donkeys, llamas, dogs, cats, sheep and a number of smaller animals. Beelzebug works by discouraging the feeding mechanism of biting/blood-sucking insects so that they can no longer feed or bite once they have landed on it.
Beelzebug is available in the following sizes:

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Additional information about Beelzebug
To help prevent itching and flies from landing we recommend that you give your horse/pony a thorough 'once over' on the first application. To do this you rub some Beelzebug onto the tips of ears (inside and out), into the mane (working it into the roots, then proceed along the back and round the tail area, making sure that the Beelzebug is getting well into the skin on both sides of the spine and mane. Next, apply to the chest and belly, finally rubbing a bit into each fetlock. The face can be done using a small sponge or cloth, and dab on carefully, avoiding the area near the eyes. Thereafter, top up weekly (in average conditions) or twice weekly in extreme conditions. If your horse or pony has already started rubbing and has removed areas of mane, tail and/or rubbed areas of skin until sore and broken, then apply Beelzebug as described above in the thorough 'once over'. Then, for the following three days top up, sparingly, the areas where he has been rubbing. After this initial 3 day application, reduce to applying once or twice a week to suit local conditions. We recommend that you give your horse a clean with Unlox cleanser (or a good proprietary baby shampoo or other mild type shampoo) from time to time to prevent a build-up of Beelzebug on the coat.
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