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BUG WASH Spray BUG WASH is available ready to use as a handy spray.

BUGWASH is also sold as a concentrate to be diluted for spraying or tubbing as required. Click HERE for detail

Additional information about Bug Wash
BUG WASH is inimical to all of the blood-sucking ticks and mites which infest animals (but totally safe for humans to use). Used after riding through wooded areas or through long grass, Bug Wash will rid your horse of all the parasites it's picked up and will help any cuts, bites or scratches it may have. Effective for several days after each application, Bug Wash binds with the fatty acids of your horse's perspiration to form a barrier.

This barrier neutralises the leaching effect of acid rain thus helping to protect your horse's skin and coat from fading.

Bug Wash promotes a really healthy bug-free condition in the skin and coat-- use it regularly and your horse will shine like a new penny.
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