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is a natural, biodegradable unguent. It helps to lift scabs, soothe and helps the natural healing process. Full instructions for use are on the pack. Where necessary use domestic cling film to keep area clean (changing wrap daily).

Additional information about EQUR

EQUR is entirely safe to use and is made of a complex of naturally occurring organic compounds used for centuries. It is a natural product and has no known side effects. Horses respond very well to its use. It is an excellent for helping with all the small cuts and abrasions that occur in the field and around busy stable yards.

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Three steps to try and avoid problems:

First -
Leave as much hair as possible on your horse's legs and heels during winter. This hair acts to prevent the mud from contact with the skin and also helps to retain the natural oils which keep the skin waterproof.
Second -
Bed your horse down on an absorbent material so that its feet and legs dry out properly and keep warm. Try not to use straw if possible, shavings or hemp based bedding are better.
Third -
Give the feet and legs a regular once-over application of Heelit. Heelit is specially formulated to pass through the skin and to form a protective barrier which helps keep the skin more water resistant.

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