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HEELIT for mite infestations

HEELIT is a natural balsamic ointment containing potentized extract of tagette and margosa oils in a beeswax and olive oil base. It has a number of uses including use on XXXXXXXXXXXX and the management of mite infestations, as well as being very useful a general helper in the first aid kit. It is also an excellent barrier against wet and mud.

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Additional information about HEELIT
HEELIT contains a potent natural anti-feedant that prevents insects from biting the animal. HEELIT must be used throughout the mite life cycle to ensure eradication. The mite life cycle is about seven days, so it is important to use HEELIT for at least 14 days to ensure that two complete life cycles are eradicated. HEELIT also contains effective soothing agents to help the wounds caused by the insects.

It will also help in cases that have not responded to Equr. The upper layer of the horse's skin (the epidermis) has no blood supply and relies for its plasticity on natural oils from the deeper skin layers. Heelit passes through this top layer and as it does so it deposits some of its complement of essential oils and plant waxes. As these are deposited in the upper layer of the skin they help keep it more waterproof. When the HEELIT residue reaches the lower layer of the skin (the dermis) it stimulates and oxygenates the blood supply in this layer. By this action Heelit helps to keep this vital area in better condition and thus able to deal with any bacteria which may penetrate from the outer layer of skin through cuts and scratches. It also helps maintain the production of healthy cells which slowly migrate into the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) where they too help to keep this protective layer more waterproof and supple.

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