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UNLOX concentrate is a specially formulated non-lathering cleanser designed to remove grease, resin, tar and most sticky oily compounds from your horse's coat.
UNLOX is available in the following sizes:

Additional information about UNLOX
UNLOX unlocks the molecular bonds of sticky material so it can be washed off leaving your horse's coat squeaky-clean, shiny and healthy.

Ideal for use before clipping
UNLOX is made from a potentized complex of natural products. It is anti-bacterial and will help any minor cuts, abrasions, bites and scuffs your horse may suffer from.

UNLOX is very user-friendly, it comes in an applicator bottle which enables you to squirt manageable quantities onto your horse's coat, (wetting the coat first). You can then work it in evenly with your fingers-- allow a couple of minutes for it to do its job, then wash it off with a sponge and plenty of water.

UNLOX is ideal for removing patches of gummy deposits built up by the presence of oil, sweat and dust.

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