Beccy Broughton on using Equr

When I was first loaned my International endurance horse Murmansk it was just approaching the winter of 1999. I moved him from the sandy Nottinghamshire land south to Essex where the clay is notorious during the winter months. Soon after the rains came and winter really set in Murmansk ....... It became very difficult to manage as he stayed out as much as possible. With the new endurance season approaching quickly I became concerned .............

I approached Cindy Russell in desperation and she gave me a tub full of a mixture, which bore a great resemblance to honey. Cindy had been given this on a tried and tested basis but so far that winter had not needed it. So off I went and gave it a try. Very scepitcal, I washed his legs and heels, dried them with a clean towel and scooped some Equr out of its tub. Plastering the mixture on his heels I could not believe the extent to which it stuck to his coat and skin, forming a complete barrier. That evening I repeated the process.

To my astonishment as I looked down at his heels and legs, the covering of Equr was still there. Also as I repeated the application, the dead skin and scabs that were under the original covering came away from the surface extremely easily causing no discomfort to him.

Well, that's ok, its gone for now but surely it will return? I had been told that once the mixture had been used, then the condition would not return. Now you can see why I was so sceptical at the beginning. The following year Murmansk was once again spending winter in the Essex clay. ............ Also because this was actually such a small area the application cleared the problem up in a matter of days with only a few coverings.

Equr has made such a difference to Murmansk and has made the winter months a lot easier. This year as yet I have had no problems and already he has been stood in the mud at home. During my time at college Murmansk was moved from home to Essex on several occasions but this made no difference to his condition. The only point at which there was a difference was when I began to apply Equr on the areas.........

Equr is not just an ungent but is an excellent all round helper. It is very useful when used against small cuts and abrasions. I am very pleased with the results .... I would recommend Equr to anyone who has a horse that is prone to ........ even in the most serious cases.

Email to The Editor, Your Horse magazine from Household Cavalry Veterinary Assistant
Dear Editor,

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