When I was initialy asked to buy in some Equr for our military horses at winter training in Melton Mowbray I was very cynical, as I've seen many cranky homeopathetic remedies come and go mainly because they're rubbish. Not wishing to waste the Tax Payers' money, I contacted Taylors Hill and asked them to put their money were their mouth was and if their product was any good, send me some freebies to prove it. Anyway, they did, we tried it, and although somewhat unattractive and messy to use, it worked a treat on some rather nasty outbreaks.

One of its good points, apart from actually working, is that it's not got any nasty chemicals in to screw up the rider/groom's skin due to prolonged use, and although the cost of the large tub of Equr seems expensive, compare it to the cost of a small tube of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cream which is gone in one application.

We use Equr every year now, ............. plus another of Taylors Hill's products that proved it's worth against cracked heels, Heelit . So, I'd like to take this opportunity to recommend these products to your readers, as used by the horses of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

Yours faithfully,
Sgt 'Scruff' Tidy
Regimental Veterinary Assistant
Source:- Taylors Hill Ltd (manufacturers of Beelzebug and Equr)
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