Leather Car Seats and car interiors leather care -

A - Clean leather, vinyl or material car seats with leather SHAMPOO every two months or more if needed. It will prevent greasy dirt build-ups on headrests and arm rests. This step is most important for lightly coloured leathers because any build up could permanently damage colours. This product was designed for this particular usage, so it's very safe to use even on light colour car seats! As for the instruction, they are quite simple: spray and wipe!

B - Once a year, use URAD leather cream to moisturize, protect and shine your leather car seats. Car seats leather will dry out because of sun exposure and regular wear. Therefore, we recommend this step to prevent cracking, color fading, and yes, for the nice shine! Instructions are simple but important to follow: always test on a small, less visible area! Leathers are all different so don't gamble with it! Use VERY LITTLE! You are not trying to hide your leather, you want to moisturize it! This is not a case of "The more I use, the better the result is..." A good thumb rule is that you should not see the product on your leather. You should only see nice shiny leather! Also, make sure not to fill stitches.

C - After you have applied URAD, use URAD Tenderly to soften leather. It just makes it more comfortable and gives a more pleasant feeling! If you need a practical reason to use it, it helps URAD dry more quickly! (About 15 min.)

For more information and advice please visit www.urad.org
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