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This cream is becoming the most popular tack cleaner and conditioner within the equestrian world. It's an all in one natural product. It contains mineral salts to clean, lanolin oil to moisturize and to keep the natural waterproofed quality of the leather, and carnauba wax to shine and protect. It will not stain, contains an anti-mould agent, and will not make your saddle slippery!
You can use the SADDLE CREAM weekly without problems. If you clean your saddle more than that, alternate with JoJo to prevent wax build up. (1 or 2 times Urad, 1 or 2 times JoJo)

For the stirrup leathers, brush off excess dirt first, then use URAD. URAD is non toxic, so it can be used on the brides as well. The product usually dries in a minute or so, but on hot summer days may take up to 20 minutes to completely penetrate leather. Still, it will not stain, but just wait a bit before riding... To prevent build-ups in corners or stitches, use only a small amount and spread it on larger leather parts first, then without putting more product, finish what is left in the sponge on those more difficult areas.


As described in the product section, it will replace any oils you're using. Its high content of LANOLIN oil works great to break in new saddles. We recommend using at least JOJO 2 or 3 times a year as it will moisturize more deeply than URAD. JOJO will not stay sticky or greasy. Oil products that do stay greasy simply do not penetrate leather. It also means they won't do a good job of moisturizing thick leather.....JOJO will !! The bonus is you don´t need to wait for days for it to dry. Usually, it will completely penetrate leather in 45 minutes.

Tenderly -

Tenderly is first and foremost a softener for delicate leather. When used on regular leather it will produce similar results to JoJo for softening your leather, but could sometimes make leather too slippery for a saddle. Also, because of the thickness of saddle's leather, JOJO should be considered the best softner for saddles. The main benefit of using TENDERLY will be obtained when used on top of URAD (or after you have applied URAD) because it makes URAD dry in seconds!

I use the neutral Urad on my show tack for an amazing shine, and frankly it is the best tack product I have ever used. Gemma (England)

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