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Waterproof your boots BEFORE you wear them. This looks like the stupidest tip, but people tell us everyday "...my boots don't need anything - they are new..." - this is WRONG. That´s exactly when they need it, unless they are guaranteed waterproof, in which case everything here applies, except you don't need to use SAHARA for as long as the guarantee runs - normally 6 months to 1 year.

For protection against light rain or snow: URAD SHOE AND LEATHER is usually good protection for 2 weeks!

For protection against heavy rain or snow, salt and calcium (for most people): JOJO and URAD SHOE AND LEATHER will be enough.

For the best protection against tropical rainstorm, snow, salt and calcium, you need total waterproofing SAHARA, JOJO and URAD SHOE AND LEATHER. Use SAHARA, once a year, JOJO every two weeks and URAD SHOE AND LEATHER once a week.

Basically, SAHARA waterproofs the material itself, JOJO waterproofs the leather and fills up the gaps so water doesn't penetrate stitches, and finally, URAD SHOE AND LEATHER waterproofs the surface of the leather.

Here are more details on how it works: SAHARA is a Teflon coating. The material you spray just becomes non-absorbent of water (after it dries, in 6 to 8 hours), whether it's fabric, suede, Nubuck or leather. And it's very resistant! Put it on a ski coat, and it will protect it for 1 or 2 years, even resist 3 or 4 dry cleanings! On your winter boots, even in the worst winter condition, it will normally resist salt and calcium for one full winter. URAD and JOJO also nourish and moisturize leather. If leather is dry, it tends to "drink" anything! Even salty snow or rain! So, even when you have winterized boots, keep them moisturized at least with URAD SHOE AND LEATHER and even better with URAD SHOE AND LEATHER and JOJO.

When you return from outside, don't let the snow, the salt and the calcium penetrate (macerate) all night in your boots! Wipe off what you can right away with a dry cloth.

URAD SHOE AND LEATHER will clean out salt and calcium from the surface! It also contains Carnauba wax, adding a protective coding and giving your boots a nice shine at the same time! If needed, URAD SHOE AND LEATHER will even get rid of salt and calcium that has gone inside of the leather. (More details will be given in the FAQ section.)

When you buy boots, realize that "Gucci lambskin winter boots" are very nice and comfortable for winters...in Miami! Today, you have nice looking heavy duty winter boots from many renowned manufactures like Boulet, Merrell, Prospector, Timberland, and others... so shop around for what you really need. And then care for them properly and they will last you a lifetime.

When you store away your winter boots for the summer, apply generously JOJO to prevent leather from drying and to keep its water-repellent characteristic.

For more information and advice please visit www.urad.org
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